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Shawn Brink_edited.jpg

Shawn Brink

Christian Fantasy Fiction

R.J. Burroughs.jpg

R.J. Burroughs


Darlene Campbell.jpg

Darlene Campbell

Literary Fiction

Nellottie Porter Chastain_edited.jpg

Nellotie Chastain

Christian Fiction

A. J_edited.jpg

A.J. Cushner


Merrill J. Davies.jpg

Merrill Davies

Literary Fiction

Hasan Davis.jpg

Hasan Davis, J.D.

Author and Poet

Muriel T_edited.jpg

Muriel Eden Paul

Historical Non-fiction


H.A. Enri

Young Adult/Fiction

Alex Goetchius.jpg

Alex Goetchius

Memoir, Humor


N.B. Goldzer

Suspense Science Fiction

Author Photo Summer Hanford (2)[6607].jpg

Summer Hanford

Science Fiction Fantasy

Mark Dengel.jpg

Mark Dengel

Young Adult Fiction

William Henry Hoffman.jpg

Henry Hoffman

Mystery Suspense

Chris Jackson_edited_edited.jpg

Chris Jackson

Suspense Christian Fiction

David Kirk.jpg

David J. Kirk

Dystopian Suspense

Corey LaBissoniere_edited.jpg

Corey LaBissoniere

Young Adult Fantasy

Brett Lawrence_edited.jpg

Brett Lawrence

Science Fiction

Aimee Taylor.jpg

Aimee McPartlan

Crime Suspense Fiction

Selby McPhee_edited_edited.jpg

Selby McPhee


Glenn Miller.jpg

Glenn Miller


Ron Nichols.jpg

Ron Nichols

Young Adult Fiction

Melissa Newman.jpg

Melissa Newman

Literary Fiction

Julieanne OConnor_edited.jpg

Julianne O'Connor

Self-Help, Humor

Greg Petersen.jpg

Greg Peterson


Breanna Richardson_edited_edited.jpg

Breanna Richardson

Young Adult Fiction

Dawn Scruggs.jpg

Dawn S. Scruggs

Legal Suspense

Donna Wilkerson.jpg

Donna B. Wilkerson

Legal Suspense

Robert Sells.jpg

Robert Sells


Nadia Seluga.jpg

the late Nadia Seluga


Joe Sergi.jpg

Joe Sergi


Nathaniel Sewell.jpg

Nathaniel Sewell

Literary Fiction

Ryan Shelton_edited.jpg
Amanda Bean_edited.jpg

Mandi Bean

Thriller Suspense Fiction

Sam Bennett_edited.jpg

Sam Bennett


Gary Blackburn.jpg

Gary Blackburn

Mystery Suspense Fiction

Allison Blanchard_edited.jpg

Allison Blanchard

Young Adult Fantasy

Michael Stringer.jpg

Ryan Shelton

Christian Fiction

Michael Stringer

Literary Fiction

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