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It’s 1984 and Ruby Lee Collins, a 13-year-old girl from the mountains of Appalachian Kentucky, has awakened a 100-year-old curse placed on her town of Mary Luck by the witch Baby Annie. 


Through a seance with her best friends she accidentally opens a door to the other side that allows the witch to once again wreak havoc on the town. With the help of five storytellers, who the townsfolk call The Yarn Spinners, her friends and Mary Luck’s founding families Ruby Lee will face down the witch and balance the scales between good and evil. 

Print: $15.00

eBook: $4.99

Katherine Hale Stringfield was born and raised in the mountains of Eastern Kentucky in Shotgun Holler, Katherine’s love of books began while reading The Little House on the Prairie series.  Her love of writing took off in college when she supported herself by writing papers for fellow students.  A professed jack of all trades, writing her first novel came later in life and so at the age of fifty it became a reality. Having a captive target audience in the student body at the high school where she was a full time substitute teacher made her dream of publishing a book a reality. 

She now lives in Berea, Kentucky with her husband and daughter.

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