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Martin Sisters Publishing Company, Inc. began publishing books in January 2010. Our goal, in the beginning was to publish only fiction, but as it turned out we began to receive some phenomenal works that were memoirs, self-help, and advocacy driven. These works were simply too good to turn away. Our aim is  to provide a home for good work, so that's exactly what we did. All of our original titles can be found here.


Over a decade later, we found ourselves with a mix of genres that needed to be categorized so readers could find them easily and that would be representative of the work. 


Martin & Miller Publishing was created as the non-fiction imprint of Martin Sisters Publishing. These books are written by experts in their field and are informative, captivating, humorous and even sometimes satirical accounts of events that make up what we call life. 


Just Us Books was created as the advocacy imprint of Martin Sisters Publishing that includes authors, poets, and other creatives who work in literary advocacy.

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