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After a lifetime of pain and torture at the hands of sadistic adoptive parents, thirteen-year-old Shawna finds peace knowing her final sacrifice will save her brothers. Now it’s up to social worker, Amber Walker, to guide these two boys back down their broken road and onto a new path of hope and healing.

Struggling with bureaucratic red tape and politics while trying to balance her desire to help others with the needs of her own family, Amber longs to learn more about her own abusive past.

A stalker who is hell-bent on revenge turns this young social worker’s already-frightening job of trying to protect the innocent into a horrific nightmare.


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In the course of her profession, social worker, Amber Walker, deals with tragedy on a daily basis. But when her own family is destroyed by a client she tried to help, she is tormented by guilt and loses faith in the goodness of humanity. As she picks up the pieces of her life, Amber is propelled into the lives of Lilly, a teenage victim of sexual abuse, and Jessie, a vivacious tomboy whose young life ends much too soon. A person from Amber’s past forces her to confront old demons despite her desire to discover new love. She struggles to remain afloat amidst the confusion until a trip to meet her biological mother forces Amber to look inward for answers to her most burning questions.



Print: $16.95

Kindle: $6.99

 Coming Soon Nook: $6.99

All other ebook versions: $6.99

Aimee Taylor has a B.S. Degree in criminal justice and began working for the Florida Department of Children and Families in 2002 as a Dependency Case Manager.


She remained in the field of child welfare for nearly a decade, committing her career to helping those in crisis.


Now, Aimee is giving a voice to the untold story of child abuse and those who dedicate their lives to working with abused children and their families. She writes from a place of familiarity as Aimee, too, was fostered and adopted as a child and grew up to pursue a career helping families in similar circumstances. Her novels, while fiction, are based on her own family history and inspired by her experiences as a case manager.

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