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Life in lower class as offspring of a notorious thief was simple for the Quartar daughters until accidental mishaps with the other classes of society turn their dirt poor lives around for worse and better.

Eight young women are taken from the slums into the high class world they never understood only at first to find betrayal, suffering, scandal, revenge and corruption. Then, before they know it they are wrapped in the grandest scandal their country of Galli has ever seen.


The kingdom of Cretaine is trying to overthrow the corrupted kingdom of Galli. The Quartar family must betray their world in order to save Galli from a brutal civil war.


Print: $12.89

Kindle: $7.99

Available in all other e-Book formats.

Breanna Richardson was born and raised in Glenwood Springs, Colorado.

She is currently finishing her bachelor’s degree in Wyoming in Secondary Education and Spanish.


Besides studying, she enjoys horseback riding, rock climbing and skiing.

She plans to continue to write stories while finishing her college degree.

Destitution is her first novel.

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