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Common Mystics Present
Ghosts on the Road
Vol 1: Murders & Mysterious Deaths

Psychic sisters Jennifer James and Jill Stanley come from generations of women with mystical abilities. Jennifer is a Tarot reader and intuitive. Jill is a psychic medium and energy reader. Looking for a way to share their stories and demonstrate how others can tap into their own intuitive powers, they created a podcast and took listeners on the road as they became a voice for those who died tragically but had much more to say.  


Travelers, historians, ghost hunters, and those interested in the metaphysical will enjoy “Vol. 1: Ghosts on the Road – Murders & Mysterious Deaths.” Each chapter begins exactly how Jennifer and Jill start each investigation, by texting one another about sensing what they call “spideys” as they occur, then right into the adventure with extra visuals that podcast listeners and new readers will want to see. The first of many volumes span the map, including “The Infamous Ax Murders of Savannah, Georgia,” “The Fisher Shannon Feud of Washington Co Arkansas,” and even “The Gunnison Massacre of the then Utah Territory,” and more.

Print: $15.00

eBook: $4.99

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Psychic sisters Jennifer James and Jill Stanley follow the calls of restless spirits, driving around the country to uncover the stories of the dead who still yearn for a voice.

Jennifer and Jill are the creators, co hosts and producers of the Common Mystics podcast, where they share the stories of the restless dead and explain their psychic processes for tuning into the spirit world. Their new book, Common Mystics Presents: Ghosts of the Road, Vol 1: Murders & Mysterious Deaths, highlights some of the stories they’ve shared on their podcast. 

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Jennifer and Jill never know how long they’ll be on the road. They let the spirits decide that for them. Every one of their journeys begins with the same intention: Asking the spirits to lead them to a verifiable story, previously unknown to them, that gives voice to the voiceless dead. With no preconceived destination in mind, Jill drives and Jen takes notes on all of the psychic information coming through to each of them via their “spidey senses.” The sisters receive messages from spirits in many different ways, such as visions, auditory clues, physical sensations and emotions. “Psychic breadcrumbs” lead them towards their story. When the sisters are compelled by the spirits to stop the car and investigate, they explore the area while taking note of their psychic impressions.  Back at home, they research those psychic impressions and the story emerges of the voiceless spirit that had led them on the road. In each episode of the Common Mystics podcast, the sisters describe how they received the psychic information and where it led them and they tell the story of the voiceless dead in its historical context. They end each episode with the significance of what they learned and how their perspectives changed or deepened as a result of the journey.  As it happens, the stories the sisters uncover have relevance today as well as when the voiceless were alive. 


Jennifer James and Jill Stanley were born and raised in Chicagoland by their single mother in a home that was steeped in mysticism. Both enjoyed close ties to their maternal grandmother, a Polish immigrant who, while practicing psychic mediumship and earth magick, always remained a devout Catholic. Their mother studied astrology and modeled an acceptance of all things mystical. Their childhood was shaped by psychics, spiritual healers and magick of various types. These early mystical influences shaped their views of the spiritual world. They learned early on that communicating with the spirits could be a commonplace, everyday occurrence.


Despite growing up in the same household, the sisters have distinct stories and very different personalities. Jennifer, the elder sister by 7 years, holds two master's degrees in education and has worked in the field for over 25 years. Grounded and logical by nature, Jen only recently chose to accept her psychic gifts and still considers herself a skeptic at heart. By contrast, Jill was born with an understanding of the spirits around her and learned to navigate her abilities at an early age. A recycling broker by day, Jill also works as a psychic medium, energy reader, and intuitive life coach. Their abilities and personalities are complementary to the process and appeal to skeptics and believers alike. By sharing their psychic experiences, they aim to inspire their listeners to practice their own psychic abilities in their everyday lives.

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