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In one of the worst bridge disasters in American history, a runaway freighter rams the underpinnings of Tampa Bay’s Sunshine Skyway during a morning squall, spilling a string of rush hour passengers to their deaths.

For Charlene Gibbs, the sister of one of the victims, the event leads years later to her own fatal plunge from the reopened Skyway, an incident novice detective Adam Fraley witnesses by chance.

Puzzled by the official findings, Fraley delves into the circumstances surrounding the death. His digging eventually uncovers a sinister link between the two tragedies and a cover-up initiated by a powerful figure in the community.

Print Book: $15.95

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Nook: $6.99

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Following a tip from a prospective client, young private investigator Adam Fraley is soon on the trail of a killer cop, a top sheriff’s detective who is about to get away with his wife’s murder.

The winding trail eventually leads Fraley half way around the world to remote stretches of Siberia in an effort to build his case.

In time, the dueling detectives find themselves operating behind enemy lines, targeting respectively the two women at the center of their lives. In the end, what starts out as a battle of wits takes a terrifying turn when the sheriff’s detective, foreseeing his demise, decides to exact an unconscionable measure of revenge on the person he holds most responsible for his downfall.


Print: $15.95

Kindle: $5.99

Nook: $5.99

Available in all other eBook formats.

Henry Hoffman is a former public library director and newspaper editor whose fiction and non-fiction works have appeared

in a variety of literary and trade publications.


He is the author of three previous novels, Bound, Drums Along the Jacks Fork, and Flaherty’s Run. Along with his works of fiction, he has contributed articles to a number of standard reference works, including America: History and Life (ABC-CLIO), the Encyclopedia of Flight (Salem Press), Historical Abstracts of the United States (ABC-CLIO), and the Encyclopedia of Natural Disasters (Salem Press).

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