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Once upon a time in the fairy tales, people risked it all for love and couples lived happily ever after. Then something changed. People became complacent, lazy, even oblivious and began misinterpreting the most basic forms of communication. Suddenly humans were lost and the most common happily ever after was post-break-up. Yet there was still HOPE!

Based on the consistently repeated mistakes of many, Spelling It Out for Your Man offers a candid, funny and non-judgmental view of the exploration of what’s really going on in the minds of men and women regarding sex and love, as well as what entices people to attract and stay attracted to one another.

Julieanne O’Connor’s intention is to inspire people to tap into their own sexuality, to release the need for the illusion of ownership, and to evoke the desire in everyone to open their hearts wider still.

Print: $14.95

Kindle: $5.99

Nook: $5.99

Available in all other eBook formats.

Julieanne O’Connor is the author of Spelling It Out for Your Man, the host of Transforming Relationships, an entrepreneur, actor, spokesperson, business owner, wife, mother and philanthropist. She has been honored for her speeches and performances, as well as for her contributions in business, and has been featured on countless radio shows. Julieanne has sold companies, worked for startups, worked in corporate America, appeared in national commercials, on syndicated TV shows, modeled abroad and has been hired, fired and quit jobs in high and low level positions. She shares real world insights taken straight from her life and is devoted to helping people embrace their humanity and imperfections. Dedicated to “Putting RELATE back into Relationshipstm,” Julieanne is helping people to live their dreams and enjoy the journey amidst the mess of it all. Always consciously aware of how precious life is, she honors all people in pursuit of their own personal successes.

Spelling It Out For Your Career – Martin Sisters Publishing 2013

Spelling It Out For Your Man – Martin Sisters Publishing 2014


“Find the good, love with an open heart, and trust in the gifts you naturally have to give. Seize your own change. Every moment is a journey worth the experience. Today, you are exactly where you are supposed to be. Start there.”


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