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There is nothing Sammy Thogode loves more than the idea of love. Obsessed with romance, she searches high and low for a man who will set her soul on fire, and make her feel special and unique.


When Sammy meets the perfect guy, he is murdered. In the midst of the emotional tailspin, Sammy meets the perfect guy for her. As a result, her world changes, and she enters into a battle for her life. Sammy must discover the truth about herself, and the truth about those around her, to save her life, her heart and her sanity.

Print: $15.95

Kindle: $6.99

Nook: $6.99

Available in all other eBook formats.

Mandi is a New Jersey native and a high school English teacher. She graduated from Montclair State University. Her Beautiful Monster is Mandi’s first novel.

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