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Arndt Schorr was born in Europe during the bombing of World War II. He grew up in the aftermath and devastion it caused, and has a horror of war and violence that persists to this day. He and his American wife live in the United States and have two grown-up children. One is a writer, the other a serving officer in the U.S. Navy.

Is there a devil? Does he spread evil like the gigantic web of a malignant spider, manipulating a misguided world with demons and dark magic, and by spreading a pack of lies disguised as information? Is the end at hand? Arndt Schorr, with his riveting story of conflict between Heaven and Hell, answers all those questions with a resounding “Yes”.
The Bad Samaritan is Lucifer, the fallen angel, having plagued the Earth through the ages, in varying human forms, finally emerging in the Twenty-First Century as the head of a colossal, world-wide media corporation, distorting the news to manipulate public opinion by using fear, hate and mistrust. Century News is everything he ever dreamed of. Lucifer, posing as a crusty old entrepreneur from Philadelphia named Scott Anderson, owns an unprecedented number of Television and Cable networks, newspapers and gossip magazines, all of which dominate their markets in every corner of the globe.

The novel opens with two major and historic events taking place at the same time: The first is the start of yet another drawn-out and mind-blowingly expensive American presidential election, with the devil backing one candidate and Heaven supporting the other. That same evening, Century’s magnificent new corporate headquarters in Manhattan celebrates its grand opening – a glittering occasion attended by politicians, movie-stars and celebrities and hangers-on of every type; many of whom are demons – and none of whom is an angel.
Angels, however, do play a large role in this story, under the leadership of  Gabriel, the Angel of Death, and his somewhat more compassionate brother, the Archangel Michael –who supports Gabriel and a suffering humanity equally, at every turn.

The Fourth Angel War is raging. It involves violence, betrayal and vicious scheming on both sides; from unseen celestial battles reflected by bloody wars on Earth, to assassination, torture and depravity taking place in broad daylight in the halls of power – plus enough sadomasochistic sex to make 50 Shades of Grey seem like a manual for beginners. Of course there can be only one victor in all of these contests. Heaven has decreed it — and Arndt Schorr has produced this masterpiece of a page-turner to help you find out who that might be . . .

This book takes tongue-in-cheek look at the existence of powerful spiritual forces, and the religious values and beliefs that millions of people ignore on a daily basis.

Print: $15.95

Kindle: $9.99

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Nook: $9.99

All other eBook versions: $9.99

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