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Imagine growing up without family, kept in a dungeon-like orphanage, charged with crimes you didn’t commit, while harassed and threatened by bullies.

Dan Kelley finds himself in such a place, alone in a society whose over reliance on science and technology has led to the near-extinction of the human race.

Dan and his friends face their challenges assuming the tactics of their tormentors, with fists flying. With their backs to the wall, they pull a strategic retreat into the wilderness where things are seen more clearly.

Realizing a more rational plan, redemption begins to unfold.

Join Dan on his journey down this fractured road as he overcomes obstacles, finds love and compassion, and discovers himself with the help of a phenomenon the world has apparently forgotten about.

Print Book $18.95

Epub  and PDF  $4.61

Kindle  $7.99

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Dan Kelley still wonders why his parents took him on a perilous journey across the uninhabited wilderness, when he was only four years old.  He also wonders how, just a few miles from their apparent destination, they suddenly disappeared.  With no family, Dan is forced to grow up in a dungeon-like orphanage in an isolated frontier outpost.

Years later, circumstances surrounding this mystery resurface. Dan and his friends research clues only to end up with vague references regarding an incident that took place more than twenty years before.

The group decides to undertake their own dangerous expedition to the remote site to search for answers.  When their scientific assault of the mystery results only in dead ends, Dan must dig deeper to understand his father’s motivations.


Print: $16.95

Kindle: $6.99

Nook: $6.99

All other eBook versions, including Apple and Android: $6.99

David J. Kirk, an honorable discharged veteran of the United States Navy, earned his master’s degree in personality psychology from Rhode Island College.


He worked as a counselor and human resources manager.  David then became an instructor at Rasmussen College in Fargo where he taught psychology and sociology for four years. 


An avid writer since 16 years old, he first published Particular Stones with Martin Sisters Publishing in 2011. Besides Cornerstones, David has many other works in progress. He lives with his wife, Dawne, in Logansport, Indiana.

David can be reached at his web site:

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