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“Derailed on the Bipolar Express” chronicles the difficult journey a mother travels once her two sons are diagnosed with bipolar disorder and substance abuse at ages 17 and 19. Ms. Edson candidly recalls manic and psychotic episodes, including a notable arrest of one son on the Boston Marathon finish line.

You will be transported into the world of mental illness and will be riveted by the graphic yet poignant moments the author reveals, including multiple psychiatric hospitalizations and incarceration. 

 From her sons’ initial diagnosis of bipolar disorder and substance abuse as teenagers, Ms. Edson graphically describes her sons’ psychotic and manic episodes, their struggles with prescription mood stabilizers, and her vigilant battle to advocate for their assistance. The author compassionately chronicles her sons’ battles while offering hope, realistic advice, and optimism to other parents or family members who may be experiencing similar challenges. 

Print: $12.95

Kindle: $5.99

Nook: $5.99

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Joie Edson is the mother of two sons who have been diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder,

one at age 17 and the second son at age 19.


She lives in Wakefield, Massachusetts, and earned both her undergraduate and master’s degree in education from Salem State University. A retired Physical Education teacher, Joie currently teaches group exercise classes in the Greater Boston area.


She has lived through inexplicable experiences, including a notable arrest of one of her sons at the Boston Marathon finish line, as a result of their illnesses.


This is her story, but it also serves to shed light on the challenges other parents or families may face when raising children with mental illness. Derailed on the Bipolar Express is Joie’s first book with Martin Sisters Publishing. 

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