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Is it possible? Can a seven-year-old boy keep a life-time promise? Homer Ray Blackey’s promise stays fresh in his mind as he keeps watch over his younger cousin, Gloria Jean Blackey.


Like alabaster arrows, lightning stabs through the clouds delivering a violent storm that chases the children out of the creek. Six-year-old Gloria Jean Blackey’s eyes squint through the pelting rain. “That barn! Take me to that barn.” Homer Ray shivers, and not just from being rain-soaked. Fear claws up his back.

How can he protect her from the evil that threatens to destroy her, the painful loss that threatens to smother her? Can he embrace the fun she experiences in her barn or the love she discovers in the shelter of her wooden fortress? Will he fulfill his promise?

Print: $17.95

Kindle: $7.99

Nook: $7.99

Available in all other eBook formats.

Born in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Nellotie Porter Chastain, at five years old, was moved to the mountains of southeastern Kentucky with her missionary parents and three siblings.


Life on Greasy Creek, in Leslie County, became an adventure that produced a wealth of memories that the author uses in most of her writings. No day passed without adventure as she climbed snake infested mountains, feasted on paw paws, waded, fished, and swam in the creek, walked to the one-room school, and went to church twice on Sunday and once on Wednesday.


The Kentucky mountains will forever inspire the author as she creates the wonder of adventure filled lives with an overshadowing of God and the hope He gives.

Nellotie Porter Chastain resides in Mitchell, Indiana with her husband and family.

Breath of the Mountain is her first novel.

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