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When Hunter and his wife Nora begin to have nightmarish visions of evil and death, they feel driven to find what truth lies behind them. But the truth that they find is terrifying. The enemy they must face is powerful and unless defeated, will mean the end of the world as they know it.

Only by standing firm and relying on each other as well as on God, can they achieve victory. But is victory even possible?  For Hunter and Nora, only time can reveal these answers.

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Book 2 in The Space Between Series, The Devil’s Revenge, was released winter 2015.

Print: $16.95

Kindle: $6.99

 Nook: $6.99

All other eBook formats, including Apple products: $6.99

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In this, the second book of The Space Between series, the devil attacks mankind in order to become supreme ruler.  He enlists a witch named Millie to be his earthly servant as well as a sacred number of seven demons who help him in waging his war.

Most humans are oblivious to the devil’s plan.  It is up to a woman named Alice and Garrett, her pastor to protect the human race from becoming subject to the devil’s rule.

They cannot succeed without God’s help, but has God abandoned them?  Only time can reveal these answers.

Print: $16.95

Kindle: $6.99

Nook: $6.99

Apple, Android and other eBook versions: $6.99

Shawn D. Brink was born in Clovis New Mexico, but has lived in eastern Nebraska since he was five.  He holds an undergraduate degree in Secondary Education from Wayne State College and a graduate degree in Management from Bellevue University.  His interests (besides writing) include church, playing guitar, and spending time with his wife and four children.

It was during his time as a student at Wayne that he wrote his first novel Jason’s Quest.  That manuscript was never published, but it infected Shawn with an incurable writing virus.  Shawn has since had stories published in publications such as Writers’ Journal and Flashes in the Dark.  The Space Between was his first published novel and The Devil’s Revenge is the second volume in the series.

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