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Summer Hanford

Summer Hanford grew up on a dairy farm in Upstate New York. She earned her bachelor’s degree in experimental psychology and went on to do graduate and doctoral work in behavioral neurology.

Turning away from long hours spent in research, Summer returned to her childhood dream of writing fantasy novels, although she enjoys turning her pen to science fiction, Regency and adventure as well.


Summer is  a faculty member of the AllWriters’ Workplace and Workshop and launched her first fantasy series, Thrice Born, with Martin Sisters Publishing Company.

Book I

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Tormented by dark dreams of death and rebirth, young Aridian serves an aging knight whose despondency leaves the kingdom without a hero when it needs one most. Evil is at work, pulling the crown prince down into madness and leeching away the life of his beautiful fiancée.

Will Aridian rally his master and realize his potential in time to save them, or will the grasping claws of evil claim the throne?

Book II

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Ari is finally settling into his new life as heir to Sir Cadwel, but his happiness is shattered by a foul Empty One known as The Caller. With his massive army of undead wolves, the Caller is rampaging through Sorga, murdering and burning, but to what end? To defend his home, Ari must learn to be the leader Sorga needs and find a way to defeat the ancient evil of the Caller. Along the way, Ari will discover what his enemy is seeking, and who his real friends are.


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