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It’s 1984 and Ruby Lee Collins, a 13-year-old girl from the mountains of Appalachian Kentucky, has awakened a 100-year-old curse placed on her town of Mary Luck by the witch Baby Annie.  Through a seance with her best friends she accidently opens a door to the other side that allows the witch to wreak havoc on the town once again. With the help of five storytellers, who the townfolk call The Yarn Spinners, her friends and Mary Luck’s founding families Ruby Lee will face down the witch and balance the scales between good and evil. 

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Past Workshop
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Past Workshop
Past Workshop

Novel Writing Essentials
Workshop Reviews!

"It was well worth a two-hour drive (from Louisville to Berea). I would love to attend another session."

"I very much enjoyed the workshop and loved the casual atmosphere. I appreciate the informal and informative class. It was time well spent."

"Thank you for your dedication and talent to help us all in our own individual journeys. I look forward to learning more."

"I am looking forward to future workshops."

"I learned a lot about plot and character development and would like to learn more about the publishing process. I appreciated the opportunity to share and ask questions."

"I enjoyed the writing exercises and the welcoming, inviting vibe. The information included the basics and then progressed to more advanced aspects of the topics. It was a very open and comfortable format. The food was great and the setting was lovely and inspiring."

'I had a lot of fun at this workshop and learned a lot, too."

"The workshop walked us through the information and included a good mix of information and questions from and to the group. Thank you for making this so accessible."

"I enjoyed having other people's input on ideas. The workshop exceeded my expectations. I wanted even more time to work with the instructor. I loved the ambiance of the location."

"The instructor was great, the class was great, and the food was great! I would do this again and recommend this class to anyone who wants to do creative writing."

Memoir Writing Essentials
Workshop Reviews!


"This workshop proved to be much more than I expected.  A great use of time with practical suggestions." Linda Young

"This course enabled me to develop a starting point and timeline for writing a memoir." Lyn Covert


"Thank you for your honesty and for introducing the group to putting our story into a format others may read." 

"I appreciated the legal aspect.  I never thought about that." Renee

"Just how much I would like to come back and learn more!"

"I love Melissa!" Sheri Tyler

"This workshop helped me answer important questions about writing a memoir.  I feel like I have a foundation to build on now."


"This was a very valuable workshop with a great mix of information and discussion around ideas & recommendations to consider with memoir development."

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